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Reservations. Our Puppet Theatre is intimate. To avoid calamity, please call ahead to reserve your spot at 631-725-4193. PUPPET SHOW PRICES HAVE CHANGED: Everyone: $12, Members: $10, Children under 3: $10, Grandparents: $10


Calendar - view our at-a-glance calendar for these puppet shows and other activiites at Goat on a Boat Puppet Theatre.



The Princess, The Frog and The Pea Goat on a Boat TheatreThe Princess, the Frog and the Pea

30 minutes, all-ages, table top puppets

Combining three well-loved stories, the Princess, the Frog and the Pea delights audiences of all ages. A princess, a witch, an un-enchanted frog, a hoot owl and a neurotic pea who longs to be a hero are the stars of this mixed-up tale. View more Princes and the Pea images.








Vegetables' Destiny PuppetsVegetables' destiny

Ages 3 and up, table top, hand and rod puppets

Vegetables' Destiny is a puppet show that tells the tale of a plate of vegetables that might not get eaten. This original story with 10 original songs written by Liz Joyce and Juliana Nash celebrates the destiny of these edible characters as they grow through the seasons in the garden. View more Veggie Destiny images.


High SeasPuppets of the high seas

All ages

Puppets of the High Seas is a musical adventure featuring hand puppets and costumed characters. Written and conceived by Liz Joyce with help from Abby Levin, this two person show hits the high seas in search of the creatures of No Footprint Island. The Polluting Pirates have put the seas in peril and it is up to all of us to save it. Meet the Great Blue Heron, Harbor Seal and Blue Crab who are need of our help in this locally poignant environmental puppet show. 45 minutes
View more High Seas images.



Chicken Man Carl - Goat on a Boat TheatreThe Chicken Show

45 minutes, all-ages, rod puppets, costumed characters

Henrietta, the singing chicken longs to be a star on Broadway but the Mean Ol' Farmer is going to put her in a stew if she doesn't produce an egg by morning. Find out how Henrietta, with the help of her friends learns to believe in herself to make her dreams come true.






The chicken Show VIDEO!




Little Red Ridinghood puppetsLittle Red Ridinghood

30 minutes, ages 2-7, hand puppets

Children squeal with delight throughout this traditional tale with a twist. Find out what happens when Little Red gets mixed-up with Porquoi, a pig who's in the wrong story! Complete with changing scenery, music and charming hand puppets, this puppet show will have them ratting on the wolf and cheering Little Red to safety.



Punch and Judy PuppetsPunch & Judy in the Kitchen

30 minutes, ages 5-105 years, hand puppets

Punch and his lovely wife Judy have been married for centuries. The time has come for Mr. Punch to pitch in around the house. You'll be surprised and tickled as these hand-carved puppets take over the kitchen creating a hilarious domestic disaster that ends with a kiss. An age-old puppetry tradition that's still cooking!




Kapok Tree puppetsThe Kapok Tree

45 minutes, ages 3-8

The rainforest comes to life in this colorful tale adapted from Lynne Cherry's well-loved book. Learn about the creatures found in this lush, green world and how they depend on each other to live. Performed with large puppets in a stage that's really a tree!

"The Kapok Tree is the best puppet show I've ever seen!"

— Jodi Smolik, Director of Education, Discovery Creek Children's Museum of Washington, D.C.




Goldilocks and the Three BearsGoldilocks &
the Three Bears

30 minutes, ages 2-6
miniature marionettes

This classic tale of porridge and intruders unfolds within a small suitcase stage, featuring rotating scenery.


"Liz Joyce's amazing puppet performances make learning fun as they engage audiences

from ages 2 to 102 in the most innovative, excellent theatre ever!"

— Jo Ann Smith, Theatre Arts Magnet Specialist, NYC Public Schools



Song of Sixpence puppetsSong of Sixpence

25 minutes, ages 7 and up, table top puppets, live piano accompaniment

Written in 1925 by Arthur A. Penn and found at a yard sale in 1998, Song of Sixpence is an operetta about a hungry king who eats too many slices of blackbird pie.


"Her(Liz Joyce's) grace and charm along with her excellent singing abilities make what might have been an old-fashioned piece of fluff a solid piece of theater well worth watching and listening to....delivered with such sincerity and bravado, you can only sit back and let its wide-eyed freshness wash over you." Donald Devet, reviewed in Puppet Master



The Three Little PigsThe Three Little Pigs

35 minutes, all-ages, marionettes

In this version, BB (a reformed big bad wolf with allergies), sells real estate to the new pigs in town. Set in the Great Northwest Woods in the Hamptons, this marionette show features hand-carved marionettes, musical numbers and lots of laughs.




Goldilocks and the Three BearsThe Night Before Christmas

30 minutes, ages 2-7, hand puppets

Sing along with the Mouse family in this wacky re-telling of Clement Clarke Moore's Christmas poem. Look out for that cat!!!






Ziegfeld Miniscule Follies

7 minutes, ages 6 and up, toy theatre, live piano accompaniment and singing

On a miniature replica of the New Victory Theatre's stage, Florenz Ziegfeld's dancing girls come alive again in hand-colorized, two-dimensions.



King Midas puppetThe Story of King Midas

35 minutes, ages 3-8, hand puppets

A greedy king learns lessons of love. Full of songs (Give me Gold, Love Makes the World go Round, Learn Your Lessons) a small raccoon and the Green Witch save the day in this colorful puppet show.










Minkie - Liz Joyce and a Couple of Puppetsminkie GROWS UP

25 minutes, ages 6 and under
You know him, you love him and he loves you. Minkie finds a manufacturer's tag along his seam and quickly consults the Great Penguini. All he really wants to be is a hand-made puppet. Find out what happens in this installation of Minkie and Friends...





Watch Minkie in action!



Rooster's GiftRooster's Gift

Ages 2 and up, toy theatre

Written by Pam Conrad, this colorul toy theatre piece tells a touching tale of Rooster and Smallest hen. Rooster thinks he makes the day with his gift of crowing, but to his dismay, one day the sun rises without him!











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Mondays at 9:30 am

3 and under with grown-up

WINTER session:

$200 members

$250 non-members

$25 drop-in

$300 for members for both Playgroup and Tot Art



Mondays at 10:45 am

2-4 years with grown-up

WINTER session:

$200 members

$250 non-members

$25 drop-in

$300 for members for both Playgroup and Tot Art



Mondays at 3:30 pm

4-6 years (drop off)

WINTER session:


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Mondays and Fridays
9:00 am

3 and under with grown-up




10:15 am

2-4 years with grown-up




10:00 am

5-7 years




6:00 pm

4-10 years



Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays

11:00 am

$12 for everyone
$10 for grandparents and members
$8 for tots and additional siblings