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This Friday, May 11 at 7 p.m. at the Bridgehampton Community House, Goat on a Boat Puppet Theatre will give East End audiences a taste of Eastern Europe when the Alfa Theatre from the Czech Republic performs "The Three Musketeers" an award-winning show featuring eight puppeteers, two musicians and 30 hand-carved puppets. The puppet company recently traveled to the United States as part of a tour, and has found some spare time at the end of the tour to add on this show.

"It's a traditional hand puppet show, but the sets are incredible," says Liz Joyce of Goat on a Boat. "It's state sponsored theatre, so they have an on-set carver, live Czech folk music and a set manager. Most of the show is non-verbal pantomime. In between the scenes, the band will sing songs with titles projected over the stage."

Joyce notes that because audience members must be able to read the titles, the performance is geared toward adults and recommended for children over 8 years of age.

"It's a little longer than most shows and very sophisticated," she notes. "It's brilliantly performed. As far as traditional hand puppet theatre, most people here have never seen something so magically enchanting. We're really lucky to have it."